National Communications Authority (NCA)




Our Vision is to be a world-class communications Regulator that facilitates innovative, reliable and sustainable communication solutions to meet stakeholders’ expectations. Our Mission is to regulate the communications industry in a forward-looking and transparent manner that promotes fair and sustainable competition, stimulates innovation, encourages investment, protects stakeholders’ interests and facilitates universal access to quality communications services for national development. Our core values are teamwork, accountability, consistency, trust, innovation, transparency


National Communications Authority Grants licenses and authorizations for operation of communication systems and services, Ensures fair competition among licensees, Establish and monitors quality of service indicators for operators and service providers, Consumer Education and Protection, Equipment Standards and Type Approval and International Frequency Coordination. Read More

At the One Stop-Service Center we provide the following services:

  1. License Application.
  2. Payment of License and Regulatory Fees.
  3. Consumer Complaints.