Minerals Commission (MINCOM)



The Minerals Commission is a government agency established under Article 269 of the 1992 Constitution and the Minerals Commission Act 1993 (Act 450). The Minerals Commission as the main promotional and regulatory body for the minerals sector in Ghana is responsible for the regulation and management of the utilization of the mineral resources of Ghana and the coordination and implementation of policies relating to mining. It also ensures compliance with Ghana's Mining and Mineral Laws and Regulation through effective monitoring.

In the unpredictable and constantly changing world of mining, where long term, risky mining investment is becoming more and more rare and therefore mining investors are demanding greater security and return on their investments, while Governments are seeking increased revenues from investors, local communities are demanding more "social responsibility" from mining investors, and we all desire to have growth and development as well as a natural environment that is as pleasant as possible.

Mineral's Commission's Vision is strive to make Ghana the leading destination of mining sector investment in Africa through creating a congenial atmosphere in which all stakeholders work as partners in a safe environment to achieve one common goal: sustainable development through mining. It's Mission is to to foster the efficient and effective regulation and management of the utilization of Ghana's mineral resources. This we will accomplish through the development of a solidly knowledge-based, self-led organization, which recognizes that mining investment would take place and be sustained only if it is under Win-Win circumstances. Read more


We provide the following Services at the One Stop-Service Center:

  1. Application Forms for Mineral Rights and Services
    a)Small Scale Mining
    b)Prospecting License
    c)Restricted Prospecting License
    d)Reconnaissance License
    e) Restricted Reconnaissance License
    f) Mining Lease
    g) Restricted Mining Lease
    h)Mineral Trade
    i)Mine Support Services
    j) Expatriate Quota.

  2. Sale of Publications(Maps,Books,Feasibility Reports etc.)

  3. Request for Information.

  4. Customer Service Desk or Help Desk.

  5. Sale of Media(CDs, DVDs, Memory Sticks etc.)

  6. Sale of Industry Data (Geological and Mineralization Study reports and data).